On the offensive in data evaluation

Reliable production figures serve as a solid basis for decision-making and contribute to making production transparent. For this purpose, standardized machine data needs to be analysed, evaluated and archived. HOMAG is going on the offensive by offering software suitable for data evaluation: MMR Office. As a matter of fact, two innovations will be presented at the HOMAG Treff: MMR Office Lite and the possibility of linking machines with SCHULER MDE to MMR Office.

With MMR – Machine Monitoring and Reporting – machine data and conditions are automatically recorded on every HOMAG machine, and standardised key figures are generated. Using MMR Professional, it is also possible to manually add information at the machine explaining machine downtimes. With MMR Office, the data of the last two years is archived. This enables a subsequent analysis of the machine data to detect bottlenecks and improve machinery performance.

The entry package for data evaluation in production: MMR Office Lite

One innovation at the HOMAG Treff is the entry package, MMR Office Lite. It offers quick and easy entry into the analysis and evaluation of machine key figures from the office. The evaluation software can be installed at the office work station in just a few steps and is then ready for immediate use. In this way, data can be linked from all HOMAG machines that are equipped with MMR Basic or MMR Professional.

Given the low investment volume and the quick initial installation of the software, the smart entry solution, MMR Office Lite, is particularly suitable for craftspeople and clients who want to get started with the analysis of machine data.

Over a period of the past 30 days, machine data and conditions, such as counters, shifts, number of produced work pieces, operation time of the machine and maintenance instructions are recorded. This data is visualized in MMR Office Lite in a manner in which it can facilitate decision-making, which enables the evaluation and transparent analysis of key figures and conditions.

MMR Office Lite can be upgraded to MMR Office at any time which offers a number of benefits. With MMR Office, it is possible to evaluate up to 20 machines in parallel, to archive data for 2 years and to evaluate machines that are switched off (or offline) at the time of evaluation. In addition, machines that are equipped with SCHULER MDE can be linked to MMR Office.

All HOMAG machines at one glance

By linking SCHULER MDE to MMR Office, it is now possible to also evaluate production data of older HOMAG machines from the office. Between 2002 and 2011, HOMAG machines were equipped with SCHULER MDE and several thousand of these machines are still operating today.

Like MMR Basic, SCHULER MDE is used to record machine data and, in order to be able to analyse and visualize this data from the office, HOMAG is now offering a direct link to MMR Office. This allows statuses, shifts, counters and day counters to be transferred into MMR Office, analysed and archived.

The advantage? If the machine is accessible via a network, then the data can be directly transferred from the machine control unit to the MMR Office database, without any software adaptation on the machine.

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