HOMAG Treff: A calendar highlight for 30 years

For three decades now, HOMAG has been using the HOMAG Treff as a platform for presenting innovative solutions for first-class craftsmanship and state-of-the-art industry: from small and large machines through fully automated workshops to entire production plants. The overall concept lives on flexibility — everything is possible, nothing is obligatory. At the same time, HOMAG is constantly working on consulting services, the Service side of business, developing new digital assistants and optimizing existing ones — so that woodworking becomes even more efficient.

Because the best ideas are based on practice, HOMAG sees the highest level of enrichment in personal interaction with the people for whom the innovations are intended: presenting machines live and at work, explaining digital solutions and discussing topics that the industry is currently most concerned with. HOMAG recently had the pleasure of doing this at the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022 trade fair in Nuremberg in July. And, fortunately, the next opportunity is just around the corner: at the HOMAG Treff, individual products and entire concepts for innovative wood processing will be presented in familiar surroundings over an area of 2000 m2. From September 27 to October 01, HOMAG is inviting visitors to Holzbronn. Over five days, interested parties can visit the plant, get inspiration from machine demonstrations and get to know the latest products. Some of the solutions that will definitely be among the highlights of this year's Treff are presented briefly below.

The DRILLTEQ V-310 draws plenty of attention. The CNC space-saving masterpiece trims, drills, grooves and dowels in a space of just 11 m2, making the machine the first of its kind worldwide. This means it's in the best company — because the CENTATEQ N-510 also scores points with a completely new modular nesting system. Speaking of nesting: as material savings and component labeling are also important topics in the entry-level segment, the Nesting Production Set is also a popular digital solution. Other software products that simplify production processes significantly are woodWOP 8.0, woodCommander 5 and productionManager. The range is rounded off by additional machine components, numerous service offers and consulting options.

A representative cross-section of the products:

Measuring System Cutting Quality (MSQ) — Producing at a consistently high level of quality

The MSQ will be introduced on the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec exclusively at the HOMAG Treff. The system monitors the cutting quality by regularly checking the edge breaks and comparing them with defined material-specific warning and limit values of the saw control system. The objective quality measurement reduces operator intervention, enables demand-oriented saw blade changes and avoids reject parts. Post-production costs are thus significantly minimized.

DRILLTEQ V-310 — The most comprehensive CNC processing including drilling technology

The development of the new DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center, a space-saving masterpiece in cabinet processing, focused on ergonomics and ease of use. The new machine is therefore characterized by its wide range of functions in the smallest possible space — 11 m2

The processing center enables optimal setup functionality and accessibility. A selection of up to 45 drilling spindles in a Split-Head configuration and a C axis with a unit interface also offer numerous processing options. The improved suction concept and the vacuum-free fixing of the workpieces save energy and costs at the same time.

CENTATEQ N-510 — Nesting, redesigned.

Visitors to the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair were already able to experience the new nesting series live — the CENTATEQ N-510 will be presented as a variant of the platform. This series caters to all demands as well as future requirements — from entry-level woodworking shops through to industrial orientation.

Improved handling and increased output were the clear areas of focus in the development of the new nesting series. In addition to the different table sizes and automation concepts that are specially designed for target groups, the highly modular, switchable vacuum and air cushion table concept as well as the optimized suction component are some of the new features of the machine.

woodWOP 8 — Simple and safe programming

woodWOP 8 shines with an innovative large graphics area that displays the workpiece in three dimensions. The relevant processing parameters can be entered and realistically displayed in the graphic to program trimming and drilling operations and saw cuts quickly and easily. New tools such as the contour assistant, feature recognition, the gluing wizard and the formula assistant make the work on the machine even more advanced.

Nesting Production Set — The digital tool for full visibility

The Nesting Production Set calculates nesting plans automatically and in doing so, places the individual components in the nest as close to each other as possible, which saves a significant amount of material. In addition, the optimization software ensures continuous transparent processing by individually identifying and capturing workpieces. The set contains an app package, a label printer, two label rolls as well as the HOMAG CUBE and is therefore perfect for retrofitting label printing on HOMAG CNC nesting machines.

Two-profile technology on the FF10 profile trimming unit — Systematic edge processing

The EDGETEQ S-300 processes frequently changing edge thicknesses easily — thanks to the two-profile technology on the single-motor profile trimming unit. A simple change between profiles R1 and R2 by touch in the control system causes the edge banding machine to process the edges quickly and precisely. Both setup times and the entire operating time of the machine are reduced, which in turn increases the cost-effectiveness of production. 

New interchangeable containers — Allowing you to work more quickly on the universal application unit

The change of glue type in the universal melting unit can be performed quickly and easily with two special interchangeable tanks for PUR cartridges and EVA granulate. The universal application unit is equipped with automatic glue quantity metering. Via the powerTouch user interface, the glue application quantities are set simply, precisely and quickly. This ensures optimal glue joint quality, higher availability and, ultimately, significant cost efficiency.

woodCommander 5 — 3D workpiece simulations make programming easy

The EDGETEQ S-500 series is equipped with the new woodCommander 5 software version, which offers additional internal and external options for data exchange. The software is designed to select processing programs and edge material and enables the reliable and fast recording of production parameters as well as the workpiece-oriented creation of machine programs. Thanks to the intelligent grouping of levels of information, fewer clicks are required to produce the desired results. The real 3D workpiece simulation, the display of the dimensions directly on the 3D workpiece and the automatic check of impermissible parameter combinations guarantee a high level of operating safety, which is reflected in time and cost savings.

productionManager — All information available at a glance with the digital job folder

The digital job folder groups all production-relevant data, meaning that numerous paper documents in production can be replaced.

After data has been imported from any software system, such as Excel, an industry software or a CADICAM system, the entire team has access to the data via web app. This allows you to view all information about the article, status or assembly at any time. Changes are saved in real time and are also immediately available to everyone. The productionManager can be optimally supplemented by further HOMAG programs or integrated into an already existing assistance system.

Edge data plug-in — The link for edge processing

With the Edge data plug-in software module, woodCommander 5 creates a direct connection between the machine control unit and the edgeband assistant ("Edgeband Management Set"). The app provides a comprehensive overview of all information about edge material and material stock. Data such as edge thickness, edge height and available length of the selected edge roll are transferred directly to the machine using the Edge data plug-in from the edgeband assistant app. This saves the operator having to input data manually on the machine. Thanks to the plug-in, the edge banding machine also reports the remaining length of the edge roll back to the app. This means that the edge stock is always up to date for the machine operator as well as for colleagues in work preparation and purchasing.  

ValueAddedService — The HOMAG service with real added value

Since the introduction of its own LCS (LifeCycleServices), HOMAG has been focusing on the holistic approach for supporting and continuously strengthening customers. The new focus lies in the customer's ability to generate added value — very closely oriented to the existing processes. HOMAG is gradually increasing performance, making processes more efficient, offering faster help and providing sustainable availability and modern knowledge management. This is the HOMAG understanding of value-added service — according to the motto: Our Mission, Your Performance. This applies from the machine installation through the instruction and operating assistance up to the adapted on-site maintenance. In addition, HOMAG also focuses on the individual needs and requirements of each customer in the eShop, in the training and further training program and with continuous modernization.

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