Fast, simple, intuitive: the operator assistance system LED

Technology in the realm of panel cutting is becoming increasingly complex. Will it soon be socomplex that only highly specialized machine operators will be able to master it? Our answer is “no”, because HOLZMA is developing increasingly intelligent operating systems, such as the new operator assistance system LED! This effectively guides the operator, making saw operation faster, easier and more intuitive than ever. Now available for almost all HOLZMA HPP models of the 3, 4 and 5 series.

One world premiere is not enough – especially on the 50th anniversary of HOLZMA. For this reason, visitors to HOLZMA Treff were greeted with a second new development: the innovative operator assistance system with LED-assisted operator guidance.

This is how it works: the technology reliably guides the machine operator through the processing steps by means of light signals. The operator intuitively understands what he should do next – without looking at the monitor screen and with no tedious searching or sorting. HOLZMA has passed a previously unattained milestone on the way to ever more intelligent operating systems and, true to its standing as a leading innovator, has yet again positioned itself at the front line of developments. At the same time, this new system is extremely practical for everyday use and is already available for nearly all HOLZMA saws of the 3 and 4 series.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Completely intuitive machine operation
  • Errors are systematically eliminated
  • Speeds up work: the operator no longer slows the saw down, for example by having to search for parts or look at the monitor to find out the next work step
  • Instead, the operator can work through the cutting pattern without once looking at the monitor
  • Flowing, ergonomic processes: saves the operator a lot of unnecessary walking and allows him to concentrate more on his work
  • A change in operators is possible at any time without any problems
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