Our solutions for commercial construction and the construction of multi-story buildings

Commercial construction

Office buildings, schools, kindergartens or entire production halls — the possibilities are almost unlimited

An ever-increasing number of municipalities, cities and companies are setting ambitious targets to become climate-neutral in the near future. In order to achieve these goals, timber construction is increasingly being used in the public construction sector. The proportion of wood frame construction used in multi-story buildings is also increasing. The areas of application are almost endless. During the joint planning process, our project engineers develop suitable system concepts that enable automatic prefabrication. This means that you can continue to implement unique projects in the future while also benefitting from the far-reaching advantages of automated production. Whether you are just starting out in commercial construction or already have experience in this area — together, we can develop the right solution for your requirements. 

Multi-story buildings

Make the best use of construction areas and build affordable living spaces.

Available construction areas are not just scarce — they are also expensive. Multi-story buildings with wood frame constructions offer the ideal solution for making the best use of existing construction areas, therefore countering the increasing lack of living space. The high degree of prefabrication in timber construction allows assembly times on the construction site to be reduced to an absolute minimum. In cities in particular, this adds enormous value, as long road closures are eliminated and the entire infrastructure is improved.
Whether the multi-story building is constructed using wood frames or a modular design, the use of wood as a building material offers a wide range of possibilities. Flexible solutions are available to help you achieve high efficiency, even as you produce the elements. Our WEINMANN production systems not only increase productivity and precision, they also ensure an optimized material flow in the hall.

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