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Live.HOMAG: CNC high-performance centers.

processing—with a footprint of less than 5 m²—continues to enjoy worldwide popularity. The use of the Clamex P furniture connector and the precise placement of necessary grooves and holes is a new feature.

Maximum CNC processing at Manfred Lehmann Innenausbau.

the machine is that parallel series of holes can be drilled at high speed thanks to the split-head Clamex combination. Positive feedback from all employees Even though the machine is already working perfectly

Der nächste Schritt. Aber sicher nicht der Letzte.

DRILLTEQ can drill cabinet walls or kitchen panels unstaffed and simultaneously attach dowels or CLAMEX trimmings. One of the great advantages of the CNC solution for Oliver Bantli is that his skilled

Courage brings its own reward

Bosch uses the DRIVE 5+ 5-axis head predominantly for the positioning axis and miter cuts (Lamello-Clamex connectors). Singing to a discerning audience At Norbert Bosch, customer requirements take absolute

Step-by-step: An overall concept built from single parts.

carry out trimming and thus execute processes for all current connector fittings such as the Lamello Clamex, and hinges such as the Grass Tiomos. The machine can also insert a number of connector fittings

Panel Dividing: One world premiere. Three flexible workshop concepts

with return and full automation DRILLTEQ V-500: Vertical processing center with routing unit for Clamex connections and return system (compact handling concept on 25 m², provides a performance boost of

Concepts for the digital workshop

perform trimming and thus execute processes for all current connector fixtures, such as the Lamello Clamex, and hinges, such as the Grass Tiomos. intelliGuide operator assistance system: intelliGuide provides

Vertical CNC Processing Center DRILLTEQ V-200

A flexible all-rounder for processing in just 5 m² These versatile machines can be used for drilling, trimming and grooving, offering the ideal solution to save you time, space, energy and money. They

CNC-Drilling and Dowel Inserting Machine DRILLTEQ D-510

Complete processing in the edge area Whether as individual machine or complementary product in connection with a CNC processing center – the DRILLTEQ D-510 allows complete and precise processing in th


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