The history of woodWOP — What can your current version do?

A lot has changed since 1991.
What can your current version do?
How has woodWOP developed?

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woodWOP – Das CNC-Programmiersystem der HOMAG Group

2021 | woodWOP 8.0

  • New formula editor with syntax highlighting
  • Mass changes of parameter values
  • New wizard and technology database for edge gluing programming on CNC
  • Nesting plugin
  • New MPRXE exchange format
  • Feature recognition extension: 3D grooves and pockets, 2D holes
  • New possibilities in the variable table

2019 | woodWOP 7.2

  • Rotating of components
  • Machining milling macros mirrored with automatic change of the direction of rotation or alternatively change of the tool
  • New macro „label“
  • Monitoring the effective working length
  • Import and editing of SAT surfaces
  • Align 3D model automatically

2017 | woodWOP 7.1

  • File preview and miniature view of MPR(X) files in Windows Explorer
  • New operating mode for entries in the variables table
  • Multiple selection
  • Utilization of tool parameters
  • Grooving and sawing on contours
  • Tool optimization of components
  • Import and processing of STL surfaces
  • Feature detection bore holes (cylinder)
  • Automatic sawing of surfaces in a 3D model

2015 | woodWOP 7.0

  • Direct text function in polygon path macro
  • Single-line fonts
  • 3D CAD functions for the creation of 3D surfaces
  • Import of 3D CAD data in the DXF, STEP, and IGES formats
  • CAM plug-in – New macros for roughing down, finishing, and formatting of 3D objects
  • Automatic generation of milling paths from 3-axis processing right through to interpolating 5-axis processing
  • Pocket milling with islands with offcut detection

2012 | woodWOP 6.1

  • CAD plug-in — CAD functions directly integrated into woodWOP
  • Direct import of DXF diagrams with no layer assignment
  • New "incremental drilling" drill mode
  • New "spline" and "ellipse" contour definition elements
  • Fast component selection with a help graphic
  • Introduction of the new MPRX format
  • 100% parametrics

2009 | woodWOP 6.0

  • New, icon-based, language-neutral user interface
  • 3D graphic of workpiece, processing, and clamping equipment
  • Graphical display of all work levels
  • Displays up to three views of the workpiece
  • Windows can be adjusted to custom size and position
  • Capable of handling multiple documents
  • Transfer processing via drag & drop
  • Interactive positioning of processing in the graphic itself

2002 | woodWOP 5.0

  • View switching in the graphic
  • woodWOP wizard and technology database
  • New suction unit proposal
  • Free-form pocket
  • Offcut area reduction
  • Oscillating trimming

1999 | woodWOP 4.5

  • 32-bit version
  • Graphical preview for file selection
  • Graphical tool selection
  • Automatic rotation of gluing station
  • Block macro matrix function
  • Global variables list
  • woodWOP Mosaic file Explorer

1997 | woodWOP 4.0

  • Windows application
  • View switching and zoom function
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Unlimited number of contour elements, contour definitions, and macros
  • Tool preview, including approach and withdrawal, with animation
  • Component technology
  • Freely definable coordinate Systems

1994 | woodWOP 2.5

  • MSDOS and OS9 application
  • Graphical user interface
  • Contour element programming limited to approx. 120 contour elements and 99 variables
  • Creation of blocks
  • Networking of office and machine

1991 | woodWOP 1.0 — Variant programming

  • OS9 application only
  • Only runs on a homatic control system
  • Variable programming
  • Optimized drilling
  • Processing of mathematical expressions

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