High-performance feed and stacking systems for the wood and furniture industry

Feed and Stacking

High-performance feed and stacking systems for the wood and furniture industry

Production chains use feed and stacking systems from various performance classes. A feed system splits stacks of material into individual panels. A stacking system then puts these individual panels together to form a material stack (package of panels).

Material handling with high process stability

We offer single-sided and double-sided feed and stacking systems that are compatible with all machines in the throughfeed area. They are ideal for continuous feed and stacking for applications including edge systems and drilling lines. The machines enable high-performance logistics with more transparency and flexibility for your entire production process.

Reliable production technology

Our compact feed and stacking systems are extremely robust, require little maintenance, and do not wear easily. They have a particularly long lifespan. Panels are transported fully automatically to the subsequent processing step, while sensitive edges and surfaces are protected thanks to the HOMAG drive technology.

Advantages of the feed and stacking systems for your production

  • Increased overall system performance
  • Fail-safe production
  • Material quality is preserved
  • Minimized transport times
  • High level of process security

A selection of our feed and stacking systems is shown here.

Handling and storage systems timber construction

From manually operated lifting systems to fully automated portals, the FEEDTEQ and STORETEQ machines of WEINMANN offer a broad range of options for optimized material manipulation. You will find the ideal solution for all process steps ranging from the storage of the raw material to the feeding of the machine.