wupClient interface for production line control unit

Centralized control of machines from the office

The wupClient production line control unit enables communication between individual machines and a production system. The entire flow of data from CAD up to execution by the relevant machine is displayed. The production line control unit used in combination with the wupClient installed on the machine provides central control of the production flow. The machines receive the right information at the right time, the elements are produced in the desired order and the effort for logistics is reduced.

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  • Data records are requested completely automatically from the production control unit
  • Data records are booked in and out fully automatically
  • Standardized solution for connecting machines to production control systems
  • Documentation enables subsequent error analysis


    Waiting and search times are avoided



    The wupClient software installed on the machine automatically receives the data for the element to be processed from the production line control unit



    The production sequence is displayed and logged


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