Throughfeed Drilling Machine DRILLTEQ C-500

The high-performance drilling machine from a batch size of more than 250 pieces – enormous repeat accuracy with the same high quality standards.

Our throughfeed drilling machines are mainly used in linked machine lines. An extremely high output of parts per minute while maintaining the highest quality are the standards by which we measure ourselves.

(Throughfeed drilling machines DRILLTEQ C-500)


  • Positioning aid system for machine set-up – automatic clamping when reaching the position
  • Position control system of the supports and drilling motors during production
  • High flexibility due to the proven exchangeable drilling block system
  • Integrated broad chip transport belt to cover the complete drilling range
  • Separated transport system – with 3 individually driven sections (option)
  • woodWOP Programming System on the machine
  • Operator friendly surface topDrill

DRILLTEQ C-500Min.Max.
Workpiece length200 mm3.000 mm
Workpiece width70 mm1.250 mm
Workpiece thickness12 mm60 mm

Further dimensions on request

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