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Work Preparation Cut Rite

Work Preparation Cut Rite

Efficiency through cost reduction

Cut Rite is the worldwide leading software for optimizing cutting operations for panel-shaped materials. This powerful, user-friendly program optimizes for speed or waste, thus reducing the overall cutting costs.


  • Little manual effort required thanks to easy operation and automatable processes
  • Faster cutting process and material savings due to increased process efficiency
  • Optimized project control thanks to software that is perfectly integrated in the overall process
  • Needs-based extension options as a result of the modular structure
  • A mature algorithm based on more than 35 years of experience
  • Individual parameterization
  • Can be integrated into your specific IT environment
  • All essential features are included in the basic modules Cut Rite advanced, professional and nesting
  • Update and support contracts with immediate access to all new features and enhancements


  • <link http: download cut_rite_intro_v11.exe _blank external-link-new-window>Test Cut Rite V11 30 days free of charge

  • Top Feature: <link record:tx_homag_products:tx_homag_domain_model_product:209>part library and label printing

  • Top Feature: <link record:tx_homag_products:tx_homag_domain_model_product:212>CNC processing and linking

  • Top Feature: <link record:tx_homag_products:tx_homag_domain_model_product:184>destacking

  • Module: <link record:tx_homag_products:tx_homag_domain_model_product:211>stock control

  • Modul: <link record:tx_homag_products:tx_homag_domain_model_product:185>order processing and variable parts lists

  • Share your ideas with colleagues: <link https: _blank external-link-new-window>



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