Panel dividing saw SAWTEQ B-300 plastics

The classic among the horizontal plastics saws provides great cutting precision and produces even small quantities profitably.

The SAWTEQ B-300 plastics is one of the most popular models of the plastics series. Its 95 mm saw blade projection and high processing speed allow it to master everyday operation and high demands with ease.

(Panel dividing saw HPP 300 Plastics)


  • Flexible, fast single saw
  • Short payback period thanks to attractive capital investment and low operating costs
  • Versatile and flexible due to a wide range of optional features

  • Available in two cutting lengths – 3,200 mm or 4,300 mm

  • Reverse cutting for precise cutting of thin materials such as PETG

  • CADmatic machine control with the “material-dependent parameters” module for short setup times

  • Logo ecoPlus

    Machine table fully equipped with air jets and dustEx technology

Saw blade projection95 [mm]
Cutting length3,200/4,300 [mm]
Program fence speed90 [m/min]
Saw carriage speed0.1-130 [m/min] (150 [m/min] as option)
Main saw motor (frequency controlled)18 [kW]
Operating softwareCADmatic 5

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