Multi rip saw SAWTEQ M-500: Longitudinal division of panels into narrow formats

Division using polygon shaft technology

This longitudinal saw has a low-wear design and offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for dividing large panels into narrow formats. The central shaft with its polygon cross-section drives the units, while the unit station for the throughfeed saw enables a variable number of saw cuts.

(Multi rip saw FSL 420: Longitudinal division of panels into narrow formats)


  • Flexible dimension settings from 98 to 600 mm – adjustments during machine operation are also possible
  • Short setup times thanks to the optional, fully automatic adjustment mechanism
  • Flexibility provided by individually adjustable saw units
  • High performance level of up to 12.5 raw panels per minute
  • Tried-and-tested components – transport systems based on the proven HOMAG multi-blade saw modules

  • Stable, low-vibration machine stand design

  • Precise roller transport system with a roller diameter of 140 mm

  • Rapid tool changes without a saw carriage

  • Automatic decoration adjustments are possible using the visual alignment station

  • Noise protection hood with an appealing design

FSL 420
Feed speed15–60 [m/min]
110 [m/min] (on request)
Raw workpiece width max. 2,500 [mm]
Workpiece thickness6–25 [mm]
Raw workpiece lengthmin. 660 [mm]

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