materialManager Advanced

Automatic parameter proposals on your saw, corresponding to your materials, tools and quality requirements.

Constant processing quality of furniture parts is a high priority in every business. But how do you ensure this quality with your tools with the growing diversity of materials? And how can you do so but still extend the service life of the tools? materialManager Advanced gives you all-round support for these issues. The software automatically adjusts the machine optimally to the material being cut, thereby ensuring greater performance and quality in production. Even relatively experienced operators will thus get more from the machine, even with frequently changing materials and a wide variety of tools.


  • Simplifies the use of the machine: your machine automatically adjusts correctly to the material according to your quality requirements and your saw blades.
  • Increases performance and ensures quality: based on the material, predefined machine settings from HOMAG ensure an optimal interaction of feed and saw blade projection, as well as speed where applicable.
  • Saves time and costs: thanks to automatic parameterization for optimal service lives and fewer tool changes.
  • Reduces the number of sources of error: before processing, the machine operator is warned if they are using an unsuitable saw blade (particularly important with frequently changing materials).
  • Creates transparency: by looking at the app, the user can easily see how the tool was used and when it needs to be sharpened.
  • Includes the licenses for materialManager (central material management in the web app) and twinio (tool management via app).

  • The software is available on all machines of the series SAWTEQ B-300 to B-500.

  • The saw sets the feed, saw blade projection and speed (if present on the machine) automatically according to the tool and material.

  • Authorized persons can adjust the settings at any time from the office.

  • The machine warns the operator if they are using an unsuitable saw blade.

  • If the software is used on multiple saws, the machine settings are managed centrally by authorized persons only.

  • All machines with a materialManager Advanced license use identical settings, thus ensuring quality.

  • Optimizations of the settings are automatically transferred to all machines that have a license for this software.

  • materiaManager Advanced is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop 
  • For use on a PC or laptop, we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser 
  • Internet access (DSL, UMTS, LTE): min. 5 Mbit/recommended: 50 Mbit 
  • Log in via tapio login (tapio account required) 

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