All material data and stocks – well structured in only one digital application.

The variety of materials is constantly increasing and with it the spectrum of material stocks and variants in your company. But how do you best keep an overview of your materials and their data? With materialManager as the central material management you can register and organize all information about your edgebanding and panel materials in your company in a comprehensive and detailed overview.


  • Overview of all materials and the stocks of your edgebandings (central material management in the company)
  • Clear representation of the material properties
  • Use of material data in other digital HOMAG applications (e.g. intelliDivide)
  • For managing up to 10,000 different types of edges and panels
  • Simple use as a web application (no software installation necessary)

  • Automatic availability of material data in other digital products

  • Panel library for intelliDivide (optimization software for cutting and dividing panels in a nesting process)

  • The materialManager is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop
  • For the use on the PC or laptop we recommend the browsers "Microsoft Edge", "Google Chrome" or "Firefox"
  • Internet access (DSL, UMTS, LTE): at least 5 Mbit / recommended 50 Mbit
  • Registration via tapio Login (tapio account required)

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