Linear portal STORETEQ H-300

Fully automatic feeding portal for beam processing

With the STORETEQ H-300 the unprocessed part feed of your carpentry machine is fully automatic. With the help of the vacuum grippers, the portal picks up the beams from a stack of unprocessed parts and places them on the separator of the carpentry machine for processing.

(Linear portal WHP 120)

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  • Optimized material flow with only one employee
  • High availability thanks to a fast material supply
  • Significantly higher cutting performance compared to manual feeding
  • Consistent process thanks to a continuous feeding of material and automatic stacking (optional)

  • Feed of unprocesses parts from different stacking positions

  • Different dimensions can be picked up: Wood lenghts of up to 6m are possible

  • Number of places for raw material stacks can be optionally expanded

  • High-speed servo drives with up to 90 m/min

  • Batch size 1 production by providing all the necessary raw materials

  • Simplified logistics using the kanban system

  • Can also be used for unstacking

Max. panel weight (kg)85*
Max. beam weight (kg)85*
Max. panel size (m)1,25 x 3,25
Beam length max. (m)6

* futher configurations possible on request

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