3D design and production for furniture and interior fitting

Proven. Reliable. Intuitive. Do your customers require even shorter delivery times? Increasingly individualized request? With HOMAG iX software, you have the flexibility to deliver to your customers their designs profitably. A software solution should support your entire process: planning and resentation, design and manufacturing. It must be able to adapt to changing customer requirements during the process. Based on proven CAD/CAM technology, you can save up to 70% of the time to get work from the customer idea to the production process with HOMAG iX.

(woodCAD|CAM becomes HOMAG iX)


  • Master the Order – from the End Customer to the Machine
  • Standardized database for all iX applications
  • Scalable & connectable
  • Integrated & precise

  • HOMAG iX combines software modules that supports your manufacturing process. From sales, presentation and design, planning and production to create an efficient managed process.

  • The industry specific 3D design tools are linked with modern machines and new communication platforms. This enables individual pieces of furniture or complex interior design concepts can be efficiently produced. High level of design detail guarantees more accuracy in the manufacturing process.

  • Enables the planning of room situations and customer presentations, in which the structural dimension is transferred to the CAD system

  • It is possible to create completely dimensioned production drawings and explosion drawings as an assembly aid

  • Forming of production lots

  • Derivation of detailed production data from the planning and construction

  • Easy integration of software modules like woodWOP, woodNest or SchnittProfi (t)

  • Drawing output & part lists

  • Catalogs & connection technology

  • CNC programming

  • Structured transfer of geometry data and production information to production equipment and processing centers through numerous functions

  • Management of orders and projects

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