Feeding portal STORETEQ H-700

Individually configurable feeding portal for beams

The STORETEQ H-700 enables you to feed the carpentry machine with beams of different lengths. The portal takes the raw material directly from the material stack and stores it in the upright position. From here, the required wood is automatically transported to the carpentry machine. The result: An efficient and flexible material and production flow.

(Feeding portal WHP 150)

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  • Optimal utilization of the raw wood
  • Simplified logistics by providing all required wood dimensions in one system
  • Considerably greater cutting performance compared to manual feeding
  • The entire system can be operated with just one person

  • Automatic stacking during non-production times

  • Unprocessed part lengths of between 4 and 13.7 m

  • Beam weights of up to 350 kg (optionally more)

  • Stacking possible

  • High number of upright storage spaces (over 30 possible)

Max. panel weight (kg)85*
Max. beam weight (kg)360*
Max. panel size (m)1,25 x 3,25
Beam lenght max. (m)13,7

* further configuration possible on request

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