Cut Rite top feature: destacking

With this top feature you can increase destacking efficiency and speed up the production process.

You can keep production running smoothly by using the destacking top feature, which rationalizes throughput at the saw by planning the destacking process. It gives you a list of pallet requirements or a baseboard cutting list and sorts the parts being cut according to the quantity and size of the available stacking stations. Like this, all the finished parts reach the assembly department without delay.


  • Correct allocation of components to the right stacking station thanks to intelligent software
  • Available space and stack heights are automatically taken into account
  • Cut Rite generates all the data for automatic destacking systems

  • Baseboard sizes and quantities are calculated automatically on the basis of the part dimensions

  • The top feature can also supply all the information required for labeling pallets and stacks to a label printer

  • Test Cut Rite free of charge

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