CNC-Processing Center DRILLTEQ H-600

Extreme flexibility and varied connection possibilities

The DRILLTEQ H-600 has impressed by speed and precision – in workpiece handling as well as in processing. Every drill is executed with an extreme repeat accuracy. The same applies to routing and grooving operations. The workpiece surfaces are perfectly protected despite extremely high processing speeds. The possibility to process two workpieces simultaneously leads to extreme efficiency and the varied connection possibilities of the machine provide extreme flexibility. The result: CNC-Xtreme.

(CNC-Bearbeitungszentren BHX 500er Baureihe)


  • Flexible in connection possibilities
  • Rapid execution of the tasks by a travel speed of up to 130 m/min
  • Permanently firmand precise positioning of the workpieces by two CNC-controlled clamping devices
  • Safe process cycles by thickness control and length measuring
  • Permanently exact drilling depth for all drilling operations by the patented spindle clamping
  • The closed straight guiding system is protected against dust and dirt and thus very durable
  • The Smooth-Pressure System© provides for a protecting air cushion below the workpiece and thus for a high-quality workpiece handling

Workpiece feeding dimensions [mm]2.500 x 1.300
Workpiece dimensions [mm]2.500 x 1.000
Travel range of the
X - Y - Z-axis [m/min]
138 - 80 - 50
Compressed air connection [inch]1
Compressed air required [bar]7
Dust extraction port [mm]

2x Ø 280

Dust extraction volume [m³/h]
min. 2x 4.450
Electrical power – total connection load [kW]19,5
Total machine weight [kg]ca. 5.500

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