Butterfly turning table

Turning elements in a single movement

The WEINMANN butterfly turning table offers the ideal solution for turning your elements, allowing you to process both sides. Once the first side has been processed, the element is transferred to the second assembly table where it is completed.

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  • WEINMANN Assembly table with roof-floor-clamping-unit

    Simple and fast positioning of the beams through pneumatic roof-floor-clamping unit (option)

  • WEINMANN butterfly turning table

    Fast and safe turning with the butterfly turning table

  • WEINMANN butterfly turning table

    The gable element is turned on the second assembly table

  • WEINMANN assembly table with universal clamping unit

    The assembly table can be optionally equipped with universal clamping units which support the production of gable elements


  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including wall, roof, floor and gable elements as well as automatic detection of element thicknesses
  • Faster turning process — within just 90 seconds
  • Safe turning operation that protects the workpiece without the use of a crane
  • Ergonomic work sequence thanks to short distances and optimum heights

  • Butterfly turning table consisting of two assembly tables to enable efficient work in parallel on two tables

  • The frame work and the first element side are completed on the first assembly table and transferred to the second table

  • The two assembly tables face one another during the tilting operation and the element is transferred from table 1 to table 2

  • Sufficient space to enable work on both assembly tables, as the tables can be moved into different positions

  • Robust and durable for heavy elements use due to its stable design

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