Optimise material flow with HOMAG STORETEQ

HOMAG’s automated storage system STORETEQ aims to increase production efficiency with optimised and transparent material flow.

Think about the amount of storage space you have – how much time do you spend just trying to find the right material? STORETEQ optimises the storage area and saves valuable production space. Having a safe material flow without the driveways allows factory staff to spend less time searching for the right materials.

Reducing Labour and Material-Handling Costs

How many personnel are needed during the panel-handling process? Which problems do your employees cause by the physically challenging work? How many boards are damaged during manual handling? What is the amount of quality costs for a damaged board? STORETEQ’s Intelligent Vacuum Control allows the automatic transportation of panels without causing scratches or damage. The fully automated process helps reduce manpower needed for handling and transportation.

Maximising Material Yield

How do you store and manage offcuts, and maximise material yield? How much space do you need for offcuts? With intelligence built into the system, offcuts that are above 1,800mm by 400mm automatically return to the storage system directly through the saw or via the infeed station, while smaller pieces are stored outside of the storage system.

HOMAG’s automated storage system STORETEQ aims to save valuable resources – whether it’s expensive floor space for production, time in searching for materials or labour costs in handling the materials. Besides the safe and automatic transportation of high quality, damage-free panels, it is now possible to furnish frequent material and decor changes with real-time display of available and planned boards on hand (using woodStore software).

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