Extensive service and professional support

Whether it's classic services or digital solutions that are required — HOMAG is always there to support customers

HOMAG's Life Cycle Services business unit looks after its customers' machines and plants over the entire life cycle: from spare parts management and teleservice, through services such as inspections and maintenance, through to modernizations, software and training. A global, wide-ranging service network with highly qualified employees provides customers with professional and reliable support. At the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair in Nuremberg, HOMAG will be presenting the following service highlights from the solution portfolio:

NEW! serviceAssist — Fast. Preventive. Helpful.

With the new "serviceAssist" app, HOMAG offers customers a tool to fix problems themselves, with HOMAG thus taking the next step toward digital support for its customers. With proven suggested solutions, serviceAssist enables the machine operator to prevent possible malfunctions and thus increase the availability of the plant. To do this, the app accesses a knowledge base that is continuously updated.
As soon as serviceAssist detects unusual changes on the machine or a malfunction occurs, the machine operator receives brief information via a push notification. In the app, the operator can then view instructions for eliminating the change/malfunction. Information about the time required and further useful information is also displayed. serviceAssist can be used anywhere and everywhere via tablets and smartphones.
From HOLZ-HANDWERK 2020, serviceAssist will be available in the HOMAG eShop and in the tapio shop.

serviceRemote — The teleservice solution of the future.

Using remote diagnostics, HOMAG service experts are already available to customers by telephone for any questions about machine technology. With serviceRemote, we are now raising this teleservice solution to a higher technological level based on modern, future-proof technology.
Customers contact HOMAG teleservice employees as usual, via the ServiceBoard app, by telephone or by email. However, customers now have the advantage of faster and more specific help, allowing them to continue production quickly.
From HOLZ-HANDWERK 2020, serviceRemote, formerly intelliServiceNet, will be available in the HOMAG eShop and in the tapio shop.

iPackage — The perfect combination for woodworking shops.

This all-round worry-free package combines the teleservice flat rate with the ServiceBoard app and an annual inspection, including travel costs, all at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Detecting signs of wear and maintenance needs early, planning inspections and services in good time — thanks to iPackage, customers have everything under control.
With the teleservice flat rate, HOMAG specialists are available by telephone to answer any questions customers may have about machine technology. The ServiceBoard app provides support by means of video diagnostics and easy transmission of the service incident to HOMAG. This allows the HOMAG specialist to identify possible errors quickly and the specialist can often fix them straightaway. Helpful information (e.g. instructions, videos, drawings) can be provided on mobile devices at the same time. With the latest digital technology, HOMAG can resolve service cases quickly and specifically. Teleservice has a success rate of more than 92%.
The annual inspection (including travel costs) included in the package extends the life of the machine and increases productivity as any wear can be detected and eliminated early.

Modernizations from HOMAG — An investment in the future.

A machine or plant that has been in use for several years may no longer reflect state-of-the-art technology. Product requirements and customer requirements can also change, and new regulations can require safety technology to be updated. For these situations, HOMAG offers varied and individually tailored modernization options. Modernization increases the efficiency and productivity of the machines, as well as increasing their availability. It also allows production and process runtimes to be optimized. Modernization thus enhances existing technologies and, for customers, is a profitable investment in the future.
The specialists from HOMAG provide customers with extensive and individual support. Together with the customers, they work out a solution that is perfectly tailored to the customers' requirements.

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