Customer Magazine performance – issue 18 | 2019

Timber framing captures the world.

Missing employees and short living space are big issues, as the worldwide urbanisation is increasing. Therefore another market has developed in South America, especially in Chile as it also experiences a strong urbanisation and is struggeling for housing space. Modular construction offers urban housing a very good alternative and increases the degree of prefabrication as much as possible in order to keep assembly times on construction sites as short as possible. In Sweden there are also some interesting projects which are realized in modular construction and with a highest prefabrication degree. These are only some examples that show how the international market in timer construction is growing.


  • Interview: Enßlin carpentry company, Germany
  • Press highlight: 
    Environmentally friendly insulation - Terhalle Holzbau GmbH
    Prefabrication as the key to success - Marlegno is expanding
    Sweden: Country of timber construction - a promising future (Derome & Lindbäcks)
    Chile: Prefab challenges timber framing - affordable & quality housing (TecnoFast & E2E)
  • News
    World market leaders cooperate - a major win for the timber construction
    smartPrefab - your solution
    Optimum insulation in timber construction

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