Customer Magazine Inspiration | Issue March 2017

ONE COMPANY — ONE BRAND | More than just the sum of our parts: Learn all about our new HOMAG brand and communication strategy

Any company seeking success in today’s economy must keep an eye on the market, listen to customers and be open to change. These are the principles that we have taken to heart: We have reorganized our company for your benefit.

The focus of our activities is your solution. For a long time now, the ideal solution has encompassed much more than selling a single machine, a piece of software, a service or securing customer satisfaction. Only those companies that understand the connections within your business and can supply everything you need from a single source are capable of offering you expert advice and the appropriate innovations.

With our decision to position HOMAG as a strong brand for the future, we are focusing in more detail on your requirements. After all, every product offered by our companies will bear the HOMAG brand from now on, which will allow us to communicate clearly and make it easier for you to find what you need.

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