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HOMAG helps Atlas Washrooms almost double capacity

Having invested in HOMAG machinery for the past 14 years, Atlas Washrooms were keen to continue their loyalty when investing in new machinery.

Another benefit of dealing with HOMAG is the precision of everything they do; the German engineering heritage really does shine through. Installation of the machines has always been a very easy process. At all times, it is planned down to the last detail and consequently runs like clockwork

Gerald Shervington, managing director at Atlas Washrooms

Atlas Washroom Systems is a £2½ million turnover, privately owned company specialising in supplying washroom cubicles and systems to both the private and public sectors. Founded in 2001, it has continually invested a substantial amount of time and resources into developing washroom systems that provide fit-for-purpose solutions across all market sectors. 

The strong company is customer-focused and takes great pride in supplying first-class products on time and within budget, using only the highest quality materials, components and machinery in its 20,000 sq. ft. facility in West Auckland.

Gerald Shervington, managing director at Atlas Washrooms, can’t speak too highly about HOMAG: “I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and I’ve always found HOMAG to be very, very proficient in every aspect from sales through to service and everything in between. The machinery and the people are exceptional. In 2003, shortly after we started Atlas, we decided to invest in a HOMAG CHP 320 Optimat beam saw because we wanted a machine that we could not only rely on 100 per cent, but that would also deliver the first-class quality we demand.”

The backbone of the business

“That first saw from HOMAG gave us the foundation to build the successful business we have today. Prior to getting that saw we suffered with production disruptions because of unreliable machinery. So, in 2011, when we needed to add another saw to increase our capacity, it didn’t take too much research before we settled on a new HOMAG 380 HPP beam saw.

“Those two saws formed the backbone of our business and although the original CHP 320 saw was still working reliably up to the end of 2015, by 2016 we needed to increase our capacity yet again. As a consequence, we bought a HOMAG HPP 300 to replace the CHP 320. 

“To help us maintain control and efficiencies, we specified this new beam saw with a label printer. This enables us to cut the boards and label all the sized panels so they can easily be traced throughout the production process.”

High quality, reliability and great service

“One of the real benefits of working with a company like HOMAG is the quality of their staff. Everyone you deal with is not only friendly and professional, but also straight-talking; you know exactly where you stand and you can trust them, they never try to pull the wool over your eyes.

“Our area manager, John Shepherd, is a case in point. I’ve known John for almost 30 years and a more honest and knowledgeable person you couldn’t wish to meet. When John gives us his advice, we know he has the best interests of Atlas Washrooms at heart.

“His expertise came to the fore late in 2016 when we were looking to invest in an edge bander. Our original machine was 20 years old and not surprisingly was slow and unreliable. Also the quality just wasn’t consistent or up to the standards our customers expect from Atlas. Before making the final decision, we talked to a few of the leading brands, but John understands our business and knew the type of machine that would suit our requirements best.

“He invited us along to the Castle Donington showroom and gave us demonstrations of three or four different edge banders, from entry level to mass production models. For each machine John highlighted the features that would be of particular benefit to Atlas Washrooms. 

“In the end, we followed John’s advice investing in a new HOMAG Highflex 1650 edge bander. I have to say, it was a great call. The quality from the Highflex 1650 is excellent and it has almost doubled our capacity. The old machine ran at 8 m/min whilst the HOMAG edge bander easily gives us 14 m/min.  With the old model we often had to hand-finish the edges, but the new machine is fantastic, we never have to hand-finish the edges despite the higher running speed.

“The key advantage of this machine is its ability to automatically change from one set up to the next with repeatable accuracy.  Also, HOMAG’s powerTouch controller makes operating the machine simple, easy and accurate.”

Installation, training and service

“Another benefit of dealing with HOMAG is the precision of everything they do; the German engineering heritage really does shine through. Installation of the machines has always been a very easy process. At all times, it is planned down to the last detail and consequently runs like clockwork.

“As an example, the Highflex 1650 edge bander was delivered, installed and commissioned in one day and following the training from the HOMAG engineers our guys were even edging a few panels on it that day – it was very impressive.

“The HOMAG engineers are very professional. They understand the challenges of learning new control systems for machinery and are highly skilled at training people so they can get up to speed as fast as possible. The new touch screen control panels also help to make operating the machines very easy, even for new machine operators.”

Financial support

“The one thing we love about HOMAG is that it’s a one stop shop. You can get anything you need from them and they are always willing to help. For instance, HOMAG offers great financial support if you need it when buying machinery. The deals they negotiate are pretty competitive too. When we bought the Highflex in February this year, we looked at different options, but HOMAG’s finance deal was the best ahead of one of the major global banks. HOMAG made the whole process straightforward, taking the pain out of arranging funding which was great for us.    

“Since we began dealing with HOMAG back in 2003, they haven’t put a foot wrong. All their equipment is extremely reliable, solidly built and delivers excellent quality day-in, day-out. This has allowed us to double our business over the last few years and with our present equipment we are on course to double it again over the next three to four years.

 “Almost certainly, we will achieve return on investment in less than three years, but more importantly for us, we know when we turn on the machines each day they will work and produce first-class products without fail. And, on the very rare occasion there is a hitch, HOMAG’s online support gets us up and running within minutes. It is a fantastic service,” concludes Gerald Shervington.


If you would like more information or a demonstration of any HOMAG machinery or software please contact HOMAG on 01332 856424.

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