Supporting Charities Around the World

Sample pieces for a good cause

In 2008 the HOMAG Group made its first donation of furniture, providing schools with their demonstration samples used at a trade fair in India. The idea of HOMAG Cares was born and has been an essential part of the HOMAG Group at trade fairs and Events ever since. The sample pieces, like cuckoo clocks, tablesoccer, fruit bowls and even modern drawer shelves, benefit charities either as a donation in kind or as a monetary donation once the items have been sold. The charity proceeds are often increased by the help of the HOMAG Group.

Direct and global support

Since 2008 HOMAG Cares has supported charitable institutions around the world, always under the premise that the donations arrive directly, where the support is actually needed.

HOMAG Cares has supported the following charities:

  • Children with cancer in Australia
  • Disabled people in Leicester
  • Cystc fibrosis sufferers in the Stuttgart region
  • People with mental illnesses in Freudenstadt
  • Disabled infants and toddlers in the Italian province Brianza
  • Children's hospice in Bielefeld
  • Mountain school in Nepal
  • Development aid agency in Brazil
  • Children's center near Barcelona

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