Panel dividing saw and beam saws

Panel dividing saws

Be it single saws, angular units or large-scale systems, basic equipment or special optional extras — panel saws help you to process your work load with greater flexibility, speed and efficiency. Our beam saws offer both woodworking shops and industrial customers precision finish cuts for every type of wood-based or plastic panel material.

Panel dividing saws for plastics processing

How can you cut panels made of plastic materials quickly and precisely? With the panel dividing saws from the P (for plastics) series. Here you find saws equipped with leading-edge technology – especially designed for processing plastic panels. You benefit from reliable, precise cutting solutions for your production requirements.

Multi Rip Saws

Fast, precise and efficient splitting and grooving of large-size panel materials.
Whether in furniture industry, for manufacturing of floors, walls and ceiling panels, lightweight panels or strips as well as for semi-finished products for doors and frames – HOMAG throughfeed saws can be used flexibly.

Nested-Based CNC Routers and Nesting CNC Machines

CNC machines for nested-based wood panel processing.

Our nesting machines and software enable nested-based processing and dividing of wood panel materials, with 3-, 4- or 5-axis technology. Sizing, cutting, and machining wood panels with nesting CNC machines helps save time and material. HOMAG CNC nesting routers can help.

Solutions for Nested-Based CNC Routing and CNC Machining

HOMAG Nesting CNC machining centers and software are fully integrated into all the machining processes:

  • Carcass procressing
  • Cutting and finishing of furniture fronts
  • Processing for modular furniture production
  • “Advanced materials” (e.g. Plexiglas, aluminum, Alucobond).

Various possibilities for the automation of the material handling ensure a high time saving and more effective work.

Software for cutting

Cut optimization of sheet material. This software optimizes material wastage and – depending on the version – the overall cutting costs, consisting of material and machining costs, as well.