XES 200 PUR service station

The all-rounder that complements your edge banding machine for easy processing of PUR glue

The properties of PUR glue mean that there are a number of challenges involved in processing. In particular, the challenge begins with extended interruptions in work, such as overnight or over the weekend. But we are offering you three solutions in one machine to make sure you are well-equipped for storage, handling and glue tank cleaning.


  • Storage of the glue application units in a vacuum — delays the bonding time so that the PUR glue does not hardenTimely preheating of the glue application unit — minimizes the amount of time lost when replacing the container
  • Automatic running of the emptying process during cleaning or glue change — avoids interrupting production on the edge banding machine

  • Holding device for two application units

  • Electronic temperature regulation for one application unit, including application roller drive unit

  • Two vacuum containers for storing two glue application units or interchangeable containers for a 2.5-kg/h PUR melting unit 

  • Only compressed air and electricity are required

  • Station can be moved and can be universally and flexibly attached to the desired edge banding machines

  • Small and compact, requiring a space of less than 1 m²

Length860 - 980 [mm]
Width600 [mm]
Weight230 [kg]

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