Swing jib crane FEEDTEQ H-300

High ergonomics through easy handling

With the help of the integrated vacuum panel lifter you pick up the required material from the storage location and place it on the machine. As such, you transport panels or other materials quickly and easily by just one employee. To optimize the material paths, the swing jib crane is positioned alongside the assembly tables and the multifunction bridge.

(Swing jib crane WHM/DK)

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  • Ergonomic working environment
  • Gentle panel handling using vacuum suction
  • Flexible positioning through a mobile base plate

  • Improved working conditions due to a fast and easy handling of heavy loads

  • Adjustable to different panel sizes by means of 4 suction cups

  • Panel weights up to 85 kg (optional more)

  • Optionally available: Mounting on a mobile base plate, which can be variably adjusted via a pallet truck

  • Flexible design and adaption of the material flow

Max. panel weight (kg)85*
Max. panel size (m)1,25 x 3,2*

* further configurations possible on request.

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