Softforming machines: Creative edge design

An extensive range of profiles and edge materials

The EDGETEQ S-500 Softforming and EDGETEQ S-810 Softforming machines give your edges an individual profile. The different profile types available range from roof and drum profiles to S or inlay profiles. The edge materials that can be used with the machines include solid wood, roll and strip material, melamine, PVC, ABS and veneer. We offer units that will ensure perfect post-processing with each material.

(Softforming machines: Creative edge design)


  • Wide variety of profiles
  • Perfect design edges
  • Short setup times thanks to quick and precise changeovers
  • Both the machine and unit technology and the powerTouch control system are very easy to use
  • Quick, workpiece-oriented program creation

  • Softforming unit with pressure zone for different profiles

  • Multiple compression zone with press roller set for straight edges and three further free slots. The profile is changed by rotating the pressure zone

  • The pressure roller sets with your preset profile rollers can be changed quickly and easily

  • Post-processing with trimming, belt sanding and finishing units from the range of modules available from HOMAG

EDGETEQ S-810 Softforming machines
Workpiece thicknessmin. 12 [mm], max. 60 [mm]
Profile depth topmax. 35 [mm]
Feed speed16–25 [m/min]

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