Shaped part throughfeed machines EDGETEQ S-810/CF: Rapid processing of large quantities

Complete processing of shaped parts in a single run

Rectangular workpieces are quickly turned into attractive contoured furniture parts in a throughfeed process without the need for manual post-processing. The EDGETEQ S-810/CF impresses with exceptional productivity, rapid gluing and precise processing, and with short setup times, our shaped part throughfeed machines are a profitable choice even for small series production. As batch sizes increase, cost efficiency compared to processing centers also improves.

(Shaped part throughfeed machines K 610/CF: Rapid processing of large quantities)


  • Complete processing of every workpiece – from the first work step to the perfect finish
  • Precise shaped parts and high output thanks to the robust machines and unit design
  • Maximum flexibility when equipping units to ensure that the right solution is available for your work
  • High level of diversity, as a wide range of edges can be processed, as well as numerous contours and profiles

  • Precise linear drive for the transport chain—with a feed speed of up to 30 m/min—for an exceptionally clean trimming pattern

  • Contour trimming with no edge: Trimming of workpiece contours is CNC-controlled. Undercut trimming is possible

  • Contour trimming with edge banding: Following CNC-controlled trimming, plastic or veneer edges can be glued for many contours.
    Maximum contour depth = 400 mm, maximum contour incline = 45°, minimum contour outer radius = 20 mm

  • powerTouch control system with clear, user-friendly interface

  • Creation of contours using woodWOP

Workpiece width
(without back-pressure)
150 mm + contour depth
Workpiece thickness12–40 [mm]
Workpiece lengthmin. 250 [mm]
Contour depthmax. 250 [mm]
/>400 mm (optional)
Angle of inclination of contourmax. 45°
External radius of contourmin. 20 [mm]
Feed speed6–30 [m/min]

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