Multi rip saw SAWTEQ M-500 / 320 / 330: Longitudinal division in line with requirements

Single-row or double-row configurations

Select the right solution for your specific requirements from our range of single-row standard saws and automated double-row variants. You can also decide whether combining chipper units or scoring units would be useful for your application. The cost-effective nature and flexibility of these throughfeed saws are guaranteed to impress every time.

(Multi rip saw FSL 310 / 320 / 330: Longitudinal division in line with requirements)


  • High level of flexibility provided by the individually adjustable saw units
  • The addition of scoring units enables processing without tearing
  • Good suction performance directly on the saw units using a central suction channel
  • Thick extraction hoods on the individual units offer protection against the abrasive stream of chips
  • Robust extraction hoods also minimize noise
  • Extra noise protection is provided via the booth that surrounds the entire machine
  • Secure workpiece transport via precisely sanded rollers or optional knurled steel rollers

  • Manual or automatic setup

  • Simple tool changes without a saw carriage

  • Can be configured in two rows — saw units can be combined with chipper units (e.g. for narrow raw panel dimensions)

  • Stable, low-vibration machine stand design

  • Precise roller transport system with a roller diameter of 140 mm

  • Motorized saw units

Feed speed15–60 [m/min]
 110 [m/min] (on request)
Raw workpiece widthmax. 2,500 [mm]
 3,800 [mm] (on request)
Workpiece thickness6–40 [mm]
 60 mm (on request)
Raw workpiece length660–900 [mm]

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