Cut Rite module: order processing and variable parts lists

With this model you can create quotations and orders in no time.

The module simplifies and expedites the creation of quotations and processing of orders. A database for producing furniture and products involving variables allows Cut Rite to process any order, inclusive of all standard and custom products, parts, accessories, fittings and operations. You will only need to enter your data once and can then produce order acknowledgments, dispatch notes, invoices, estimates and also cutting patterns in no time.


  • Customization thanks to user defined variables and parameters for all parts lists
  • User-friendly with integrated form designer
  • Efficient due to automatic calculation of part dimensions and parametric pricing

  • Customer database with extensive contact details

  • Automatically generated picking lists with calculation of dimensions and quantities of, for example, hardware, solid wood lipping or bought-out items

  • Test Cut Rite free of charge

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