CNC-Drilling and Dowel Inserting Machine DRILLTEQ D-200

Drilling and doweling – and always keeping a tight grip on everything.

Whether as individual machine or complementary product in connection with a CNC processing center – the DRILLTEQ D-200 has two tasks: horizontal drilling and doweling. And that makes the machine more efficient than ever before.

(CNC-Bohr- und Dübeleintreibmaschine ABD 050/060)


  • Horizontal drilling and doweling in one machine
  • Up to 3 individually selectable horizontal drilling spindles
  • Space allocation for up to 4 workpieces
  • Simple and fast material handling
  • Worldwide established, powerful HOMAG software woodWOP

  • Vibration conveyor for automatic and reliable feed of standard dowels with dimensions 8x30 mm or 8x35 mm

  • High-precision processing while horizontal drilling and doweling thanks to high-speed doweling and drilling unit

  • Manually adjustable length and thickness of clamping cylinders

  • Pneumatically lowerable side and centre stop

  • Low-noise and compact low-pressure glue pump with low energy consumption

DRILLTEQ D-200Model 1 + 3Model 2 + 4
Workpiece length [mm]20 – 1,25020 – 2,800
Workpiece width [mm]20 – 80020 – 800
Workpiece thickness [mm]10 – 6010 – 60
Compressed air connection [Zoll]R 1/2“R 1/2“
Compressed air [bar]min. 7min. 7
Total connected voltage [kW]ca. 4.5ca. 4.5
Extraction connection [mm]Ø 80Ø 80
Total machine weight [kg]approx. 1,100approx. 2,200

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