Carpentry Table  BUILDTEQ A-500

The universal tool for carpenters

It is in small and medium-sized carpentry businesses in particular that the WEINMANN carpentry table really achieves its full potential. The  BUILDTEQ A-500 offers a flexible all-round solution for anyone manufacturing wall, gable, roof and floor elements, frame walls and roof dormers in timber frame construction.

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  • Work on two short elements in parallel thanks to the two clamping areas
  • Work safely thanks to solid non-slip planking
  • Suitable for heavy elements thanks to its stable design
  • Improved comfort thanks to an ergonomic processing height
  • Achieve high levels of productivity thanks to reduced changeover times for different wall heights

  • Can be expanded at any time as a butterfly turning table, compact system or a larger production System

  • Option: Align and position the beams for roof/ceiling elements with precision using roof and ceiling clamps

  • Hydraulic tilt function (option): Adjust the roof slope to create roof dormers and to remove the element using the overhead crane without causing any damage

  • The table is available in lengths of 7, 8, 10 and 12 m

Processing height730 [mm]
Clamping range400 - 3.800 [mm]
Element length min1.5 [m]
Element length max12 [m]
Element weight3,5 [t]

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