The TeleService solution of the future

Rapid assistance from intelliServiceNet

TeleServiceNet makes HOMAG specialists available by telephone to answer any questions wood processing businesses may have about machine technology. HOMAG is now taking this service to a higher level of technology with intelliServiceNet, creating a modern teleservice connection. Users simply contact TeleService employees as usual, either via the ServiceBoard App, by telephone or by email. The advantage? Users receive faster and more focused assistance based on the latest, future-proof technology.

What's new?

In future, machine operators will be able to use intelliServiceNet to view previous contact with TeleService via a web portal. intelliServiceNet will also offer advanced diagnostic tools for the machine and the use of various Service apps, such as those aimed at predictive maintenance. HOMAG TeleService employees stand to benefit too, since intelliServiceNet will give them access to more information about the machine in advance. In future, this will make physical data available for TeleService employees to analyze in advance, allowing production to be resumed more quickly after machine faults.

No surprises. Keep an eye on everything: The perfect combination: iPackage and the ServiceBoard App

A machine failing unexpectedly and bringing production to a standstill is a never a good situation to be in, especially with full order books. HOMAG has the perfect solution to avoid unexpected surprises: iPackage, a full service contract at a fixed price. In addition to the flat-rate TeleService, iPackage offers users an annual inspection—including travel costs and access to the ServiceBoard App—giving you everything you need to not only identify signs of wear and the need for maintenance promptly, but also plan inspections and servicing in good time. This enables you to avoid unexpected failures and increase the productivity of your machine pool.

iPackage — Service with guaranteed success.

TeleServiceNet makes HOMAG specialists available by telephone to answer any questions users may have about machine technology This can be used in conjunction with the ServiceBoard App, which allows the machine operator to share the current situation with HOMAG wirelessly via live video diagnostics. This makes it possible for the HOMAG specialist to identify possible errors quickly and often fix them immediately. The specialist can also provide instructions, videos, images or 3D drawings on the move. TeleService has a success rate of over 90%. If the service is not successful, HOMAG will send a technician to the site within 24 hours.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Comprehensive service comprising inspection and TeleService at an attractive price/performance ratio
  • Unplanned downtimes can be avoided thanks to early detection of wear
  • Preventive maintenance can be scheduled thanks to regular inspections
  • Expert advice via TeleService for any questions about control systems, mechanics or process technology
  • TeleService has a success rate of over 90%. If necessary, a service technician will be sent within 24 hours
  • Free ServiceBoard App for rapid identification of errors, direct connection to the contact person and a simple overview of all cases

"The fact that I can process different requests at the same time with ServiceBoard is a big advantage for us. With a single click, we can display all of the service numbers for each of our HOMAG machines. My favorite thing is the ability to send written requests — they are more precise and have little potential for error. Troubleshooting can span shifts too. Employees in the following shift can immediately see the status of the service request from its number.
I particularly like the video function in ServiceBoard. It allows us to show the HOMAG employee exactly what is happening on the machine and receive help quickly, without having to request a technician."

Lutz Hentschel –  CAPRON GmbH/Deputy Head of Department, Furniture Prefabrication

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