Performance customer magazine – Issue 21 | 2022

Trend: Multi-storey construction

Full order books are currently the order of the day for many in the timber construction sector, while the market environment is also changing and placing new demands on construction methods and the materials used. Topics such as the lack of skilled workers, succession planning and the question of how the company should be positioned for the future are also on the minds of many right now. Performance, our customer magazine, covers all of these issues and highlights the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Carpentry businesses and prefabricated house manufacturers from all over the world also share their experiences.


  • Interview:
    Discussing wooden skyscrapers with Dr. Stefan Bockel
  • Press highlights:
    Custom-made flexible workflow — Holzhaus Bonndorf (Germany)
    Fit for the new standard — SOCOPA (France)
    The charm of serial construction — Materio (Germany)
    Sustainable homes in Brazil — Tecverde (Brazil)
  • News:
    Comprehensive package for timber construction

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