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20 years of HOMAG Australia – As part of the globalization of the HOMAG Group and the expansion of its reach from the manufacture of the machine to the direct relationship with the end user, the company HOMAG Australia was founded. This gives Australian manufacturers easy access to the HOMAG world and its solutions – all from one source. #TogetherForYourSolution our employees work with ambition and full of energy day in, day out. To get to know the people behind HOMAG Australia, we spoke with one of them.

For this interview, we spoke with Nils Leitritz. Nils has been working as a Software Support Specialist at HOMAG for more than five years.

HOMAG Australia is now looking back on a 20-year success-story. How did Australian woodworking industry develop in this timespan?
Nils Leitritz: Automation is certainly around for a long time but these days we make more use of the data provided by our machines. It is also easier to use that data then back in the days as the options to process them became more user-friendly. This also has a positive effect on our environment as the wastage of paper can be reduced significantly.

What will be the main challenges in the Australian woodworking industry in the next years and which solutions does HOMAG Australia offer to help customers mastering them successfully?
Nils Leitritz: In my opinion the next challenge will be to not only supply the best Machines but also the best possible Software solution. It is always nice to be able to design complicated products on the computer but being able to bring those Ideas to the machine in a logic workflow that also makes sense to the operator on the machine who did not even see the whole project before is way more important.

Cutrite and HOMAG iX are solutions that are powerful, reliable and very flexible to guarantee the best possible outcome and the ability to adjust even little steps to the individual needs of the customer regardless of what HOMAG Machine has been purchased. 

HOMAG also puts a lot of effort into the development of Digital apps which become more and more powerful. They play already a big role and it wouldn’t surprise me if they become a game changer soon.

What are HOMAG Australia´s core products – its daily business in term of machines?
Nils Leitritz: Our core product apart from the Machines we sell is definitely our service. The demand on customised solutions is increasing and we are going above and beyond to get the best possible result. That is only possible if people have the passion to do so and I am proud and grateful that I can work in a Team like this.

How important is digitalization in Australia and thus the digital products of the HOMAG Group?
Nils Leitritz: Very important indeed. The demand is constantly rising. Customers want to be aware of what is happening in the production at any given time and also be able to modify steps in detail. HOMAG is doing a great Job in providing digital solutions for these demands and our team here is always keen to get the best out of Software and Machines.

What are your expectations for HOMAG Australia in the next five years?
Nils Leitritz: It won’t come as a surprise that my answer to this question is of cause related to software. My expectation for HOMAG is the constant development of digital products and investment into smart people who are able to support those. I also can see that this is exactly what is happening here which makes me relaxed when I think about the next five years.

What are your personal highlights in your time with HOMAG Australia?
Nils Leitritz: It is always a highlight when I can work with our technicians on projects. It can be frustrating at times but that makes the moment even better when the whole system runs like a clockwork.

Thank you, Nils, for the exciting impressions. We are already looking forward to the next interview of our #PeopleBehindTheBrand story – stay curious!

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