On furniture trends and where to find them

Rethinking furniture is the goal of ambigence, an innovation network for the furniture industry. The think tank from Herford was founded in 2018 with the vision of setting new impulses and providing a space for innovations.

Space to innovate: trend changes for the living room, kitchen and more

The five-member team around Managing Director Norbert Poppenborg accompanies the development of new products from scratch to commercialisation. The development of products in collaborative networks is a new approach to jointly create new spaces for innovation, free from competitive thinking.

A prominent example that emerged from the ambigence network: "The PANEL". At Interzum 2019, the company presented the functionalised furniture element, in the form of an integrated flap fitting, for the first time. "The PANEL" shows the successful fusion of design and technology in furniture. The slim design offers added value for the eye, creates additional storage space and invites you to question the familiar. The vision of the "PANEL" has been taken up by several hardware manufacturers and has set a new trend in the field of integrated furniture fittings.

Rethinking furniture - in design, construction and production

Thinking outside the box, setting new impulses for the industry and launching innovations - this is something we also identify with at SCHULER Consulting. That is why we are part of the ambigence network since March 2021. Furniture design plays a role in our everyday work in many ways: we support our clients with solutions for graphic order entry, advise them on design principles and jointly create a balanced product portfolio that combines individuality with transparent costs. We know the interfaces and connections between furniture design, construction and production in detail. We know what requirements and changes new trends in the furniture industry mean. In order to advise our clients in the best possible way, we are always looking for the sources of such trends and are pleased to have found the ambigence network as a place for collaborative exchange.

"Design leads technology"

This is the principle ambigence follows when developing their product ideas. Every trend creates change: change that starts in everyday life and determines how we live and shop, where we live and what we consume. Together with ambigence, we asked ourselves what were and are the most significant furniture trends for you in 2021?

Survey: What were and are the most important furniture trends in 2021?

  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Smart furniture
  • Sustainability
  • Individualisation
  • Cocooning
  • Design: Integrated technology   

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>> You can find more about these trends in the news article by ambigence!

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