It's never been so easy to get started: Becoming a digital workshop with the new HOMAG CUBE.

At HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG is bringing digitalization directly to carpenters in the workshop. With the new HOMAG CUBE and new product sets to match the different workstations, entering the digital world has never been easier for carpenters. And the best thing is that users can install their personal digital set easily themselves. To allow them to do this, HOMAG delivers all the required components in one package. All the users have to do is unpack, set up, network and get started.

The question is: how does this all work? HOMAG has created corresponding packages for different machining processes at the workstations in workshops. For carpenters, each package creates easier workflows and more efficient work steps — exactly at the desired workstation in the business.

All sets consist of different combinations of apps with intelligent self-assembly racks (including the required electronics, e.g. LED strips) or label printers. All of these elements can be inserted into any existing working environment quickly and flexibly.

All of the sets have a common denominator. The most important component is the new HOMAG CUBE: this is the heart of the communication between all components in the digital workshop. It is the central module that connects the apps with the racks and label printers, thus ensuring optimal interaction between the human operator, apps and all other elements. With the HOMAG CUBE, users can install their personal digital assistant easily themselves.

In time for HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG is starting with three selected sets in the areas of cutting, edge processing and for sorting parts. From the date of the trade fair, all sets will be available via the HOMAG webshop ( or via sales contacts.

"Cutting Production Set"

In the area of manual cutting, woodworking businesses are often faced with various challenges:

  • On my manual saw, how can I put labels on the workpieces and thus reuse my part data?
  • In the cutting pattern, how do I get an overview of the parts that have already been sawn?
  • How can I use cutting patterns from the optimization software on my manual cutting saw as well?

Click to print labels even on a manual saw

With the "Cutting Production Set," users benefit from a cutting assistant that supports the operator of the saw in the workshop with labeling parts and cutting. The assistant can be used flexibly in conjunction with circular saws as well as upright and horizontal panel saws — irrespective of the type, age and manufacturer. The functions and benefits of the "Cutting Production Set":

  • Integrated processing data: label printing to identify the sawn parts directly on the saw (also for circular saws, vertical saws and older machines). Thus, from the very beginning, every workpiece has all relevant information and the barcode for the CNC and edge banding machine.
  • Easy and efficient: optimized cutting patterns can be transferred from the "intelliDivide Cutting" optimization software to the app with a simple click. This significantly reduces material consumption.
  • Complete overview: fast overview of parts that have already been sawn, including a proposal for the next part to be sawn (guided manual cutting).
  • Flexible: can be used for existing cutting saws — of any type.

What does the "Cutting Production Set" consist of?

The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

  • Two apps: "productionAssist Cutting" (assistant for manual cutting) & "intelliDivide Cutting" optimization software
  • Label printer including two rolls of labels
  • HOMAG CUBE (intelligent control box for connecting the printer to the Internet and the apps)
  • #BuildYourSolution commissioning instructions

The workflow in the workshop

Users start the optimization of their job in the "intelliDivide Cutting" optimization software and transfer the resulting cutting patterns to the "productionAssist Cutting" app with the click of a button. There, users select the cutting pattern that they need at that precise time and starts the sawing process. When the user is cutting the parts, the "productionAssist Cutting" app provides a continuous, precise overview of the status of the cutting pattern (even for manual saws): Which parts have already been sawn? Which part is suggested next? The user then simply clicks to print the labels for each part on the label printer provided in the set. As a result, every part can be clearly identified — at the same time, every label provides the correct processing information for the subsequent edge banding machines and CNC processing centers. The result: complete production data from the first process step.

"Edgeband Management Set”

When it comes to organizing edgebands, woodworking businesses today are often faced with the same challenges:

  • How can I store my edgebands in a way that is both clear and clean and tidy?
  • How can I manage stocks of edgebands and find edges quickly?
  • How do I make sure that enough edge material is still available?

The edge material and all related information at a glance

With the "Edgeband Management Set," users have a complete overview of all the information about their edge material and can quickly find the right edgeband at any time. The functions and benefits of the "Edgeband Management Set”:

  • Complete overview: all edge information is available at a glance. The app and the HOMAG edgeband rack offer a permanent overview of stock. The printer can also be used to create labels to identify the edges.
  • Easy management: clear management and unique identification of edges in the rack (incl. residual lengths). The system documents edges that are put into and taken out of storage, indicating the storage position.
  • Space saving: through vertical storage of the edgebands.
  • Time saving: reduced setup times thanks to faster edge changes and no longer having to search for edgebands.

What does the "Edgeband Management Set" consist of?

The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

  • Two apps: "materialAssist Edge" (edgeband management in the rack) & "materialManager" (central material management in the company)
  • Construction diagrams for the "materialRack Edge" edgeband rack, available free to download
  • LED strips for the "materialRack Edge" edgeband rack
  • Label printer including two rolls of labels
  • HOMAG CUBE (intelligent control box for connecting the rack and the printer to the Internet and the apps)
  • #BuildYourSolution commissioning instructions

The workflow in the workshop

To use the "Edgeband Management Set" optimally, the carpenter needs the "materialAssist Edge" app and a special edgeband rack. First, the user scans the edgeband to identify it and record it in the app. Users can easily access all the information about this edgeband straightaway. The corresponding labels for identifying the edgebands can also be printed directly from the app. If users want to store an edgeband in their rack, the "materialAssist Edge" app suggests a compartment. The corresponding position in the rack is identified by the LED display that lights up. If users want to edge a workpiece, they simply tap on the correct edgeband in the app. The matching edge is instantly quickly and easily identified in the edgeband rack by the LED display that lights up. After edging the part, users can update the residual length in the app, which ensures they always have an overview of their material. The bottom line for carpenters: In the workshop, the "Edgeband Management Set" ensures that the preparation of the edgebands is organized optimally and the edge banding machine can be set up more quickly.

"Sorting Production Set"

When it comes to sorting components for the bench room, businesses today are often faced with the following questions:

  • How can I make sure that all parts for assembly in the bench room are complete?
  • How do I avoid time-consuming searches for components?

Every part has its place

The "Sorting Production Set" contains an assistant for sorting at the workstation in the workshop. The user gets an overview of the furniture parts for which processing has already been completed. The functions and benefits of the "Sorting Production Set”:

  • Transparent: overview of the completeness of the furniture/components to be sorted. Users can sort their parts cabinet by cabinet and prepare them for the bench room.
  • Efficient: better organization of the workshop — no more cumbersome and time-consuming searching for parts.
  • Saves time and secures workflows: no waiting times due to missing parts — all parts for assembly are complete. The "productionManager," the digital job folder, also provides all information (including drawings).
  • Complete overview: optimized and easy organization of production. Users always have an overview of the status of the parts for their job.
  • Intelligent: the app notes the position of the job item in the intelligent rack and suggests this to the operator for the next part belonging to the job.

What does the "Sorting Production Set" consist of?

The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

  • Two apps: "productionAssist Sorting" (production assistant for sorting) & "productionManager" (digital job folder)
  • Construction diagrams for the "productionRack Sorting" sorting rack, available free to download
  • Two LED strips for the sorting rack
  • HOMAG CUBE (intelligent control box for connecting the rack to the Internet and the apps)
  • #BuildYourSolution commissioning instructions

The workflow in the workshop

The user scans the barcode on the workpiece and receives a suggestion of which rack compartment the first part of the furniture should be sorted into. The part can be assigned manually or by scanning the part barcode (this can be done with a scanner glove). The user then sorts all finished parts into the rack systematically (by job item/article). The "productionAssist Sorting" app shows the sorted parts per item and compartment. The LED display on the rack also supports the operator in sorting and removing parts. Once all the parts for an item of furniture are available completely, this is confirmed by the LED display on the rack. In addition to the organization in the rack, the operator also gets an overview in the app: The operator can display the missing parts for every job and for every compartment at any time. Users therefore have an overview of everything and the parts are optimally prepared for the bench room.

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