iPackage service contract: The complete After-Sales Package for woodworking shops

Attractive service bundle for woodworking shops

With the launch of its new iPackage, HOMAG is now offering a bundled service package at an attractive fixed price. This offer is mainly targeted at small to medium-sized companies specializing in one-shift operation. Alongside a flat-rate teleservice contract, the iPackage also gives users access to the ServiceBoard app and includes an annual inspection with travel costs included.

Productivity guaranteed

Users of the services included in the new iPackage will be able to detect signs of wear and predict upcoming maintenance at an early stage. This makes it possible to plan and carry out inspections in a timely manner, and arrange services in advance. Machines will no longer fail without warning, and productivity will remain at a high level.

High success rate with teleservice and free video diagnostics

As part of the teleservice, HOMAG specialists are on the other end of a telephone hotline as the point of contact for any questions customers might have relating to machine technology. This is also where the ServiceBoard app comes in; the app allows customers to live stream any service incidents to the Service Center via wireless video diagnostics as and when they happen on a machine. This allows the HOMAG Service employee to identify any errors in a matter of minutes and—in most cases—rectify them at the same time. The ServiceBoard app is also capable of instantly providing information on the move, such as instructions, videos, images, or drawings, and grants the user direct access to the eParts replacement parts shop. What's more, service requests can be addressed during the service itself and then subsequently tracked.

The HOMAG teleservice boasts a success rate of more than 90%, however if the service provided does not result in success, HOMAG will arrange for a service technician to be dispatched within 24 hours.

The advantages of the new iPackage at a glance:

  • Comprehensive service including inspection and teleservice
    with an attractive price/performance ratio
  • Guaranteed productivity
    thanks to early wear detection
  • Preventive maintenance
    through regular inspection
  • Competent advice via our hotline
    for any questions relating to control systems, mechanics, or process technology
  • A teleservice success rate of more than 90%
    with a service technician dispatched within 24 hours if necessary
  • Free ServiceBoard app
    with video diagnostics and fast recording of service incidents
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