From humble beginnings in Lonsingen to global success

WEINMANN Holzbausysteme is growing rapidly, and shows no signs of stopping.

An article of the Südwestpresse from 27.09.2018. Click here to go to the homepage.

In just 33 years, WEINMANN Holzbausysteme has gone from operating out of a garage to becoming a global market leader in the development and design of plants and machines for timber house construction. Since being founded by Karl Weinmann in 1985, WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik has developed rapidly. The company ended 2017 with sales of considerably more than EUR 30 million, and in the last three years alone, the Lonsingen-based company has seen further sales growth of 40 percent. This upwards trend shows no sign of stopping, with orders coming in a steady rate and a workload that is guaranteed to last until 2020.

The key to the company's success is its crucial strategy of staying one step ahead of the competition at all times by innovating and constantly developing. Recent years have been shaped by new developments, including the introduction of robot technology to the Lonsingen plant - 2017 saw the first robot interlinked with a production system and delivered to a customer. WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik joined the HOMAG Group in 1998, and as a result, has seen both its international reach and level of digitalization grow at a rapid rate. Thanks to the open cloud platform developed by the HOMAG subsidiary tapio, WEINMANN machines can now be networked digitally and are therefore suitable for cloud-based technologies. And this year, WEINMANN has launched a new design that stands for innovation, modernization, and individuality. The new logo, the modernized design of the machines, and the updated product names reflect the company's trend towards digitalization and innovation. Despite the company's growing success and global presence, there has never been any talk of moving away from Lonsingen. On the contrary - managing directors Hansbert Ott and Sven Schempp are passionate about strengthening the Lonsingen site, and wish to nurture a healthy, creative atmosphere within the company. Employees enjoy flexible working hours and have the option of swapping between internal and external assembly positions - and thanks to this flexible system, employees can work anywhere in the world. Training courses are offered on site, and the Group-wide "My Training" program offers a wide selection of training courses to employees around the world. WEINMANN owes its success to qualified, motivated employees, and therefore wants these employees to be able to benefit from the company's strong economic position, just as the company does. For this reason, employees receive a profit-based bonus at Christmas as well as a profit share. Last year, this share totaled EUR 2750 for each of the 132 employees.

WEINMANN also places great importance on excellent collaboration, team events, and a balance between work and home life. In this area in particular the company offers a wide range of activities, from back exercise classes and table tennis tournaments, to table football games and an organized running group. Employees also receive water free of charge, as well as fruit in winter and a lunch subsidy.

WEINMANN is fit for the future in all aspects of its business, and offers employees an inviting workplace with excellent prospects. The company's growth is also evident from the 20 positions that are currently open, all of which are scheduled to be filled by the end of 2019. The company is especially looking to hire staff in the areas of research and development, project management, and on-site service, as well as electricians and mechanics for commissioning, application technicians, remote service employees, and buyers. As you would expect, WEINMANN also offers commercial and technical training as well as a program of dual study. From humble beginnings in Lonsingen to global success - WEINMANN can make it happen. The company brings trade and internationalization to a global market, while staying true to its location in the Swabian Alps.

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