Efficient and sustainable: the path from a board to an element

The process expertise using the example of CLT

In the production preparation of cross laminated timber, optimization cross-cut saws from System TM ensure optimum use of personnel and timber resources as well as minimal waste. With impressive performance, intelligent design and high safety levels, the Opti-Kap 1000, 3000 and 5000 systems automatically measure, optimize and cut incoming timber into pieces. The push or throughfeed cross-cut saws automatically detect lengths as well as marked or scanned defects and process workpieces into components with the highest accuracy. The results are higher yields and better efficiency in production. All Opti-Kap models from System TC are controlled by an industrial PC which runs the control and optimization software developed by System TM.

To the optimisation cross-cut saws from System TM

Kallesoe's state-of-the-art press lines offer the best conditions for lay-up, gluing and pressing of CLT elements. The presses, which operate with high-frequency technology, represent the most advanced and economical systems on the market for the production of prefabricated CLT elements – thanks to superior performance, high capacity and extremely short press times. For even more cost savings, it is possible, for example, to omit wood and glue where doors and windows are provided in the elements. Kallesoe CLT systems can easily press elements up to 20 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, and even more in the case of customized special designs.

To the Kallesoe high-frequency press lines

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