20 Years of HOMAG India - Welcome to our new state-of-the-art factory.

The high-tech metropolis of Bangalore is the location of HOMAG India’s modern site. From here, we serve our customers as the single-source solution provider for woodworking machinery, software, and service.

At HOMAG India, we recognize and value informed decisions which stimulate business growth hence our innovation is always triggered by our customer’s needs. Since its inception in 2002, HOMAG India has been building Advanced Machinery to cater all and any kind of challenge for the woodworking industry. With our infrastructure of specialist’s, we support our customers as well as Global Team’s with solutions for machinery and services.

Outcome: Our solutions are made 100% in HOMAG by starting with joint research and development. We combine local expertise with the HOMAG Group networks over 60 years of experience and knowledge. That enables us to design unique solutions that are both economical and reliable. HOMAG India is the Regional and Global hub for the needs of the wood working industry like machines and digital software solution as well as after sales support for the APAC Geography. We have a team of highly skilled employees who are also strategically present across India. Additionally, HOMAG India also supports customers for solid wood solutions. HOMAG India is in new phase of expansion whether is in terms of product range that we provide, in-house training programs for customers as well as staff or the services for machineries and digital products.  Our Manufacturing facility supports both National and International markets plus Asia, Japan, Australia, and Europe.


Our new state-of-the-art factory contains shop floor, training rooms, experience center, several conference- and discussion rooms for varying capacities. Located in Rajdhani Industrial Park, Dabaspet Industrial Area, about 40km from Bengaluru city center, is the testimony to this success, with our new state-of-the-art site we can grow further, and we are focusing our resources even more and serve our customers with solutions, tailored to individual needs. Our in-house experience center or a demo center which contains all the varieties of machines and digital solutions. In keeping with the motto "We set the trends", the HOMAG India Experience Centre allows our customers to get demonstrations of sustainable solutions for their business, thanks to its woodworking machinery and digital assistants.


HOMAG India is promoting and is committed to digitalization for continued and constant growth for our customers. As a part of this initiative, last quarter we have launched TAPIO which is a cloud based IOT solution focused to aid the informed decision making.

While we support and respect digitization and Virtualization we always look forward for in-person interaction with our customers and participating in Global events such as India Wood is a step towards bettering the customer experience. The most recent India Wood, which was held between 2nd through 6th June, HOMAG Leaders, from across Globe, flew down and participated in this event. The time invested to orchestrate an event at such scale was gladly welcomed by massive potential customer base who showed keen interest in the new tech driven machinery and specialized manufacturing and product development. The Addition of Leadership to a Manufacturing Carnival was icing on the cake because the Customers were exposed to a unique experience of equipment explanation from the makers them selves


In 2002, Homag India started out as an after-sales support center. In time we have evolved ourselves to solve all Global wood working industry challenges. Today, in our state-of-the-art factory, we create a full range of high-precision machinery including efficient panel dividing saws and edge banding machines as well as precision-driven CNC-systems. Our modern production takes place under globally consistent HOMAG quality standards. In-house training and our colleagues' passion for detail result in small to large-scale solutions. We are more than a solution provider; we are your partner. Our centralised 24/7 service hotline and a decentralised network of service experts spread across India ensure perfect production conditions and reliability along the entire machine lifecycle.

Experience HOMAG's world of unique solutions that are both economical and reliable. And let them kick-start your company's growth. Because your success is our success.

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