2019/07/10   |   United Kingdom

John Worth Shopfitters invests in HOMAG CENTATEQ N-500 CNC

With business expanding, John Worth Shopfitters Ltd, a family run organisation, recognised the need to invest in a new HOMAG CNC processing centre.

Although we looked at a couple of cheaper alternatives, in the end our decision to purchase the HOMAG CENTATEQ N-500 was a simple one. The quality, reliability and excellence of German engineering gave us the peace of mind to invest in this CNC gantry-style processing centre.

Gary Crump, John Worth Shopfitters' workshop manager

John Worth Shopfitters Ltd is a family run organisation based in the heart of Leicestershire. Established in 1994, the company has built a solid foundation in the retail sector with a reputation for quality, care and customer focus. 

From the talented workforce to the experienced senior management team, John Worth’s strength is its people. All are devoted, hardworking team players who share an attention to detail and a desire to evolve and meet new challenges. 

With the business expanding, the senior management recognised the need to add a new CNC processing centre to work alongside the machine that had served them well for the last ten years. 

“To be competitive,” explains John Worth’s workshop manager, Gary Crump, “You have to invest in the latest woodworking machinery. If you don’t, you simply can’t compete on quality, speed or cost. 

“Our existing HOMAG CNC machine has been a real workhorse for the business, however, with increasing workloads we wanted to ensure that we had the machinery that would take us forward and cope with future growth.” 

Reliable, leading-edge technology

“Although we looked at a couple of cheaper alternatives, in the end our decision to purchase the HOMAG CENTATEQ N-500 was a simple one. The quality, reliability and excellence of German engineering gave us the peace of mind to invest in this CNC gantry-style processing centre. 

“Past experience told us that not only would the new machine deliver value for money over its lifetime, but also the service backup from HOMAG would always be first class. 

“Most, if not all of the work we do, is bespoke which means the CNC has to be able to handle lots of different jobs rapidly and with ease. The CENTATEQ N-500 is perfect for our needs; we’ve linked its woodWOP software to our CAD system making it quick and easy to setup and operate.” 

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-500 CNC Gantry Processing Centre

The CENTATEQ N-500 compact nesting machine is specifically designed for the creation of carcass furniture, dividing and refining of furniture fronts and construction of frame furniture. 

The machine’s gantry style delivers the highest precision over the total working width, whilst its high acceleration gives an X/Y vector speed of 96 m/min. To maximise production, the whole working field is reachable with all processing tools and the CNC has electronic surveillance for all stops. 

The CENTATEQ N-500’s standard features include two synchronised digital servo-drives in the X-direction to guarantee the highest processing quality; a 13.4 HP HSK routing spindle; a highly flexible matrix table with grid grooves for clamping of templates or workpieces, and from a 7 to 14 tool changing system dependent on the working field size. 

Controlled with the new powerTouch2 user interface which achieves time savings of up to 30%, the machine has an impressive array of options. These include high-speed drilling blocks, larger tool changers, lowerable fence guides, clamping elements and barcode connection for easy workpiece identification. 

In addition, software such as HOMAG’s intelliDivide – a web-based cutting optimisation system, and cabinetCreator – a web-based furniture design wizard, are amongst the many solutions that make the CENTATEQ a truly versatile CNC gantry processing centre. The machine is also compatible with tapio – HOMAG’s digital platform specifically designed for manufacturers to gain more production efficiencies. It provides live updates of machinery status, production processes, servicing requirements and software updates. Tapio also monitors and produces data for capacity and throughput rates as well as any concerns such as machine errors or drops in productivity. 

Cost savings and efficiencies

Gary Crump again, “Although we’ve only had the new CNC for a couple of months, it is clear to see that it will bring improved efficiencies to our business. We have been told that the electricity savings alone will add up to around £2000 a year. In addition, the dust extraction system is incredibly efficient, creating a dust-free environment for our workforce. 

“From the hassle-free installation, the comprehensive training and the excellent quality of the machine, the CENTATEQ N-500 has lived up to our expectations. The people at HOMAG, from Matt Long the area manager through to everyone at head office, are all competent and highly professional. They always come back to you when you have a query which is not always the case in this industry,” concludes Crump. 

If you’d like a demonstration or more information about HOMAG CNC machines, please contact HOMAG UK on 01332 856424. 

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