2011/07/16   |   Australia

Different edge quality to everyone else

Zero joint technology is not some fad; it is the latest technology in edgebanding. The hot air system "airTec" is both an industrial and craft-oriented solution.

The Perth-based company Ikal Kitchens bought the first HOMAG airTec machine in Australia, an Edgebander Ambition 1440 airTec.

The owners Joe Grassi and Paul Kingston pride themselves as being pioneers in this cutting edge of technology. "This is going to be the technology you need to have if you want to differentiate your products from the competition," Joe Grassi says.

Ikal's customers impressed by airTec

Ikal Kitchens sold a kitchen within 24 hours only by showing an airTec sample to the client. Joe, "The customer was so impressed from the edge quality. There are no black lines and even no visible lines at all. It is a major difference compared to edges done on machines without airTec. We now use it as a selling feauture for our products." 



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