2019/03/13   |   Santa Giustina in Colle   |   Italy

Continuous growth through passion, innovative power and quality

Thanks to the passion of Vittorino and Federico, Baido Spa has managed to acquire an excellent reputation by combining technical and aesthetic skills in their products.

Passion, skill and curiosity: at Baido, these three aspects are combined to produce high-end solutions for the bathroom and kitchen. As a result, water and HPL harmonize surprisingly well — both functionally and visually.

The Baido team, which consists of 130 employees, constantly thinks beyond their own product to consider the end customer. They always strive for a complete solution for kitchen and bathroom furniture manufacturers. Thanks to the success of this approach, the company counts almost all Italian manufacturers in this sector as their customers. The company's product innovations often arise from research with customers.

The integrated features are not immediately obvious, but once discovered, users are instantly impressed by the level of innovation and finesse, as well as the combination of high-quality finishes and exceptional, sophisticated functionality.

One example is the magnetic closure on the kitchen worktop, which allows access to the handle opening from both sides whilst still ensuring a clean look. What's more, the exceptional quality is still present in the smallest detail — the elegant, high-quality, multilayer material structure.

The professionals at Baido also push the limits of what is technically feasible. For example, the company has a total of five edge banding machines that are used to manufacture special edges ranging from just a few millimeters up to thick edges. Customer-specific solutions in batch size 1 are manufactured over a production area of 25,000 m². All of this is made possible by the HOMAG machine pool.

From the saw-storage combination and the 7 CNC processing centers to the 3 edge banding machines, more than 400 special work plates are manufactured per day on HOMAG machines. But one thing always takes priority: highly flexible production of all customer requirements.

To increase the moisture and heat resistance of the furniture, Baido exclusively uses polyurethane (PUR) hot-melt glue for the edge processing. In combination with the HOMAG edge technology, this creates the optimal bonding strength between the panel and the edge.

When you ask Vittorino and Federico Baido why they like working with HOMAG so much, two points come to the fore: the high quality of the machines and the partnership of equals. In their almost 20-year partnership, it is not just the high-quality machines that Baido has benefited from. Together with their own passion and expertise, in recent years, Baido has been able to continuously increase sales and EBIT in equal measure, even in the financial crisis of 2009/2010.

To ensure they are also equipped for the future, Baido is now investing in a new EDGETEQ S-500, which will be delivered in June 2019. The machine will enable the company to be even faster and even more flexible in production. It will also ensure that the company is perfectly set up for market changes. Thanks to the current boost in the machine area, the company has an optimistic outlook for 2019, resulting in on-target, double-digit growth.

Software: tracking for today with an investment in the future

In addition to investment in steel and iron, software is very important to the company's owners. For this reason, the ServiceBoard app has been in use at the company for a long time. Service tickets created with this app, which are sent directly to the company's service partner, HOMAG Italia, help with the initial analysis of the problem. Baido employees can then make direct contact with the remote service team. The HOMAG technician then offers support via the video connection.

With the ServiceBoard app, Baido also monitors the current maintenance status of the machines and the maintenance instructions are also available on the tablet for access anywhere.

To not only keep service under control, but also to ensure that all commercial KPIs are available transparently and kept up to date, Baido uses a highly modern software that can display a compact finance dashboard on a tablet or smartwatch. As part of the expansion of the production planning software, precise workpiece tracking and tracing will additionally be enabled in the future.


Vittorino and Federico Baido have adopted an "excellence approach" across their entire business, and their philosophy that the details are important in all aspects of the business is visible everywhere — right down to the precise 45° tipping angle of the recycling container outside the building. Baido also demonstrates excellence in staff orientation: The idea is to ensure the satisfaction of employees so that they can provide the highest level of performance.

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