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CNC-Technology: Almost infinite possibilities

The CNC processing centers from HOMAG offer state-of-the-art technology for all wood processing requirements. At HOLZ-HANDWERK 2020, HOMAG is presenting special solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and woodworking shops. The focus is on flexibility and more opportunities.

  • Two become one: the HOMAG A-Flex table — flexible AND convenient
    Two become one: the HOMAG A-Flex table — flexible AND convenient
  • DRILLTEQ D-510 — complete processing of edges
    DRILLTEQ D-510 — complete processing of edges
  • Aggregat CNC Kantenanleimen mit powerEdge Pro Duo
    Aggregat CNC Kantenanleimen mit powerEdge Pro Duo

A-Flex table: Turning "or" into "and"

Previously, users of a CNC console machine had to decide whether they preferred the flexibility of a manual table with a display system or the convenience of a table with automatic positioning. The new A-Flex table from HOMAG combines both benefits in one solution. It positions clamping equipment and consoles automatically, while at the same time allowing users to switch freely between manual and automatic setup, place any number of vacuum suction units on each console and use special clamping devices with ease.

The clamping equipment can be placed in any position on the consoles. A shuttle searches for the clamping equipment, determines its current position and moves it to the correct position automatically. The clamping equipment is raised using compressed air and thus "floats" on an air cushion above the console. This design makes it robust and durable. Integrated blow-off series at both the front and rear of the suction unit fixture clean the surface of the console with compressed air, thus ensuring a clean travel path.

Extended dynamic shuttle operation can be achieved by assigning individual consoles to another field. Therefore, on a table with six consoles, it is possible to start a program with two consoles on one side and, in shuttle operation on the other side, run a program with four consoles that is entirely program-controlled and does not require any manual intervention.

LED strips are also available as an option. These round off the operation of the table: Although the table automatically positions the clamping equipment at the correct point, the operator must still use the operating monitor to determine which clamping equipment is required and how it is to be set on the machine. This is no longer necessary thanks to these optional LED strips: Elements that need to be replaced move to the changing position and the LED strip shows at a glance which suction units have to be set in which orientation.

DRILLTEQ D-510: Drilling, doweling, trimming without limits

The DRILLTEQ D-510 is the perfect supplement for CNC surface processing and covers all common processing activities on the front side and edges of the workpieces.

The compact machine, which takes up only 4 m² of space, leaves nothing to be desired: from vertical and horizontal drilling, including through-holes, through vertical and horizontal trimming for connectors, such as the Lamello P system, or hidden hinges, such as the Grass Tiomos, right up to rear wall grooves. Individual solutions can also be developed for special requirements, as there is sufficient construction space for assemblies for setting fixtures and hinges (e.g. sleeve couplers, cams, Cabineo, etc.), for example.

The workpieces are fixed in place gently and securely using adjustable clamping cylinders. The lowerable center stop enables optimal alternating field assignment, whereby up to four workpieces can be assigned at the same time. The lowerable side stops also allow workpieces that protrude beyond the processing field to be processed.

Thanks to an interchangeable wear plate in the machine table, through-holes will also be possible as of HOLZ-HANDWERK 2020.

The optional doweling unit allows dowels to be driven in precisely, with or without glue. Up to two fixed attachment units are possible for each machine. The dowels are supplied automatically and securely via a vibration conveyor. The dowel tool is equipped with a glue nozzle with an adjustable glue quantity and glue flow monitoring.

With the powerTouch user interface, included as standard, the DRILLTEQ D-510 can be operated intuitively. The optional intelliGuide Basic optical LED assistance system offers improved user-friendliness and helps to avoid errors when workpieces are deposited. With this system, when positioning the workpieces to be processed, the operator is guided precisely via an LED strip.

The powerEdge Pro Duo — One for (almost) everything

The powerEdge Pro Duo unit raises shaped edge banding on CNC machines to a new level. The "all-round" unit is based on 30 years of experience in CNC edge banding.

Thanks to new components and an intelligent control system, with the new powerEdge Pro Duo edge banding unit, users get the perfect result more quickly and easily. The easy programming, without lots of parameters, usually produces the desired result from the very first workpiece. This means that fine adjustment or multiple test pieces are generally not required. The speed, the temperature and the contact pressure are defined at every point on the contour.

Exact tracing and a feed roller with direct travel measurement guarantee that the start and end of the edge are applied precisely — allowing 360° gluing, even for the smallest components.

The unit also allows a free switch between conventional gluing with hot-melt glue and precoated edges with a zero joint. The combined operation is possible without any changeover because the hot air nozzle for reheating the hot-melt glue also activates the functional layer of a zero joint edge.

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