Interlinked Furniture Production for approx. 2.400 parts per hour

The interlinked system concept for furniture production offers you a complete solution from a single source. The latest machine technology and end-to-end control give you cost-effective industrial production up to batch size 1.

Interlinked Furniture production for approx. 2.400 parts per 8 hours

1. Storage & Cutting

The revolutionary cutting cell with two saws and automatic raw material storage enables customized cutting of individual panels. Behind this innovation is a concept that completely redefines the flow of parts in order-based production and enables customized cutting with series conditions. 

  • Fully automated sequences and raw materials management

  • Great flexibility for the design in the length and width of the storage system

  • The installation of the cell can be varied depending on the feed direction

  • Unlimited recuts

  • Automatic labeling of components

  • Automatic handling of offcuts

More Information can be found here: Storage system und Cutting.


2. Buffering

The buffer system is used to isolate performance spikes in cutting and to adjust the material flow for edge processing. Smoothing out output fluctuations achieves a significant improvement of the overall availability. 

  • Material flow is equalized through buffer zones as well as the infeeds and outfeeds

  • Optimization of the material flow with options for sorting in layers

  • Optimal preparation of the edge processing through manipulation of the material order

  • Direct access to each shelf

  • Storage removal lists can be flexibly changed until the last panel

  • Option for infeed of workpieces that have been cut externally 

More information can be found here!


3. Edge Processing

The edge processing cell with closed return provides smooth processes with effective use of space. The concept with the two edge banding machines that are offset on one side is ideal for flexible batch size 1 production and enables four-sided workpiece processing in only two throughfeeds.  

  • Space-saving return concept with integrated buffer option

  • Edge magazines accessible from all sides

  • Fast access to different decorative edge designs

  • High-performance feed systems and joint trimming

  • Minimal staffing requirement due to automated circulation unit

More Information can be found here: Edge processing und Edge circulation.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The production control system guarantees the performance and efficiency of the system concept. Batch size 1 production therefore depends on a higher-level intelligent production control system, alongside high-performance and flexible system concepts.

  • Transfer and feedback of production orders from and to the ERP system

  • Generation of production and optimization batches

  • Management of production-related master data

  • Rule-based generation of data records for edge processing

  • Edge preview & edge management

  • Completeness checks and indication of missing parts for production batch/customer order

  • Organization and prioritization of the reworking of defective components

  • Statistics and analyses regarding the error, cause, time and frequency

  • Universal concept for marking and identifying components using barcode

  • Universal network infrastructure and teleservice

More information about the ControllerMES can be found here!