timber frame construction

Solutions for Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame construction is a commonly used method for constructing timber houses as well as for adding stories and extensions to a building, which involves covering both sides of the frame work with timber panels. Timber frame construction is popular due to its excellent insulating properties, high level of safety with regard to fire protection and its service life.

„Within just a few months, together we were able to guide our prefabricated housing production, which was previously a purely manual process, almost seamlessly into a new era.“

Richard Schinagl, Friedl Holzbau GmbH

Whether you create and bind the frame work, produce wall, roof and gable elements or manufacture complete houses, WEINMANN has the right technologies for your individual production requirements. We offer solutions that can be adapted as modules, giving you the ability to respond quickly to market changes. Different concepts are available depending on the required performance level and degree of automation:

  • Carpentry machines enable beam processing in constant and high quality
  • An assembly table considerably simplifies the process of manufacturing individual elements
  • A multifunction bridge enables CNC production
  • The compact design facilitates flexible production of your elements within a limited amount of space
  • The three-table solution boosts capacity and flexibility


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  • Roland Zimmermann with WEINMANN multifunction bridge

    Roland Zimmermann processes all elements with the multifunction bridge

  • WEINMANN nailing bridge and butterfly table

    Engelhardt & Geissbauer produces with the compact line on just 34x9 m

  • WEINMANN combines nailing bridge and butterfly table for timber frame construction

    Gamper Holzbau produces all his elements with the compact line

  • WEINMANN carpentry machine and compact line combined to a complete production line

    At Lehner Holzbau all processings for timber frame constructions as well as beam processing is occured with WEINMANN technology

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Any questions?
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